Shake it, Baby!

Happy Friday from our little shakers and movers!

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Nap Time?

Every day when I put the girls down for their naps, they spend a few minutes “crib bonding” from across the room.  It’s one of my favorite times of the day.  I love how they laugh at each other and develop their own baby language.  Melts my heart!

Listen to Ava and Ella “crib talking” below:

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May 31, 2012 - 8:49 pm

Louann I can see why it melts your heart. So precious!!!!! gotta love baby talk especially when they are so happy to hear their own voices. Way to go Ella.


Last week we finally took the girls to Gymboree class.   I’ve been talking about it for a few months, but wasn’t brave enough to take the girls by myself to a public place where they aren’t harnessed into a stroller.  Don’t get me wrong, I bring the girls many, many places on my own with no fear, but the only place I’ve let them roam are at our friends and families homes or at the park.  Bringing them to Gymboree where they can climb and are suppose to transition between free play time and structured play time put a little fear in my heart!  Thankfully, Daddy took off work one morning to be a part of Ava and Ella’s first workout at Gymboree (we all know it was really to help me keep the little monkeys corralled).

The girls loved it!  It usually takes Ava and Ella a few minutes to warm up to new people and places, but they got busy right away at Gymboree.  I mean how can you not take off and explore when you are surrounded by ramps, ladders, tubes, balls and other fun equipment?  Ella had a blast clapping and smiling while we were singing songs just like she does at home.  And Ava decided she could run the class when she continuously told the teacher when she should start and stop the music during “musical log”.  She kept us laughing with her independent…am hem…bossy ways.  The girls are used to playing along side each other, but we were happy to see them be kind and caring with the other children in the class.  It was a fun morning together as a family.

I love this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt   – “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”

Today, I did just that!  I worked up enough courage to bring Ava and Ella to Gymboree class all by myself.  It was interesting to see how much more they cling to me when Daddy isn’t around.  Just like they are at home – clingy.  These girls know how to play me like a fiddle.  Although it took them a little longer (5 minutes) to become comfortable, they had a blast once again.  I believe it worked to my advantage that they weren’t as comfortable without both Kevin and I there because they stuck pretty close by so I could handle two babies climbing at once.  We can’t wait to go back again next week and play with new friends!

little monkey, Ava, crawling around


Working out in our yoga pants. lol!

Ella bouncing around on the giant ball.

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We have been spending A LOT of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather this spring.  Ava and Ella are so curious about everything around them and I encourage them to explore.  I let them dig in the dirt, play with bugs, pick apart dandelions, etc.  However, I’ve been working so hard to keep all things outdoors out of their little investigative mouths.  The girls have attempted to taste test grass, leaves, wood chips, weeds, rocks, dirt and much, much more.  I always tell them it’s “icky” and take whatever they are sampling away and find something else to explore.  I think they’ve finally learned that wood chips don’t taste good and they no longer try to eat rocks, but they haven’t given up on dirt…not until today.

We were outside playing and as I was pulling weeds, both girls went straight for the dirt.  This time I didn’t say a word and tried a little reverse psychology on my sweet little babies.  Ava put the dirt in her mouth and looked at me as I pretended I wasn’t watching.  She spit it out immediately and continued spitting for the next two minutes until I gave her a drink of water.  Shortly after Ava’s run-in with the dirt, Ella gave it a go and shared her disgust with us as well.  I couldn’t help but chuckle inside!  Sometimes you just have to let them learn the hard way.  Hopefully this “tasty” experience will be the last of dirt in the mouths of my babes.


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I have SO MANY posts to catch up on, but I just had to post this one tonight…

Ava and Ella love so many foods, but for months now their favorite, hands down, is black beans.  Tonight, Ava proved just how much she enjoys her deliciously juicy beans…she dined on them in her sleep!

I’ve seen other moms post pictures of their kids falling asleep during play time or meal time, but I never thought it was possible with my kiddos.  They have never fallen asleep “out of nowhere”.  With that said, I can count on two hands (maybe only one) how many times they’ve skipped a nap.  Today the girls skipped their afternoon nap and we played HARD outside for hours.  This is the result of nap-skipping…

* Note that I usually have my children wear bibs while they eat, but I had just stripped them down after coming inside from playing in the sun for over an hour and they were covered in dirt.  Who needs bibs?  It’s fun to get a little messy sometimes!:)


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May 22, 2012 - 10:51 pm

Aunt Jill Oh, that’s great! Love how she smiles when she realizes she has fallen asleep. She keeps on shoveling those beans in, though!
Austin used to fall asleep often in the high chair with his mouth wide open and head back ~ reminded me of his Grandpa W. :)
Miss you guys.