We have been spending A LOT of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather this spring.  Ava and Ella are so curious about everything around them and I encourage them to explore.  I let them dig in the dirt, play with bugs, pick apart dandelions, etc.  However, I’ve been working so hard to keep all things outdoors out of their little investigative mouths.  The girls have attempted to taste test grass, leaves, wood chips, weeds, rocks, dirt and much, much more.  I always tell them it’s “icky” and take whatever they are sampling away and find something else to explore.  I think they’ve finally learned that wood chips don’t taste good and they no longer try to eat rocks, but they haven’t given up on dirt…not until today.

We were outside playing and as I was pulling weeds, both girls went straight for the dirt.  This time I didn’t say a word and tried a little reverse psychology on my sweet little babies.  Ava put the dirt in her mouth and looked at me as I pretended I wasn’t watching.  She spit it out immediately and continued spitting for the next two minutes until I gave her a drink of water.  Shortly after Ava’s run-in with the dirt, Ella gave it a go and shared her disgust with us as well.  I couldn’t help but chuckle inside!  Sometimes you just have to let them learn the hard way.  Hopefully this “tasty” experience will be the last of dirt in the mouths of my babes.


by Heather

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